Rethinking the periphery | Etxabakoitz

May 16th to may 31st 2019

Rethinking the periphery | Etxabakoitz is a project which proposes a reflection around the periphery of Pamplona. It questions the role of culture in these neighbourhoods, the interactions inside of the spaces of the periphery and its relationship to the center. Moreover, it aims to explore the necessities, requests and issues that the inhabitants of these zones are facing daily.
The architecture collective Orekari Estudio (Pamplona) -in collaboration with Enter This (Berlin / Madrid) and supported by Huarte Center for Contemporary Art and the organization hablarenarte (Madrid) – has developed a series of workshops and participatory actions with the inhabitants of the Etxabakoitz neighbourhood, whose main purpose was focused on building a mobile architecture – a huge bubble – where to imagine and carry out cultural activities.
The study of the daily routes of the inhabitants of the district; the analysis of the use of public space; and above all the direct conversations with the people of the neighbourhood, have led to identify the most suitable zone where to install the bubble. Its “staging in the public space” and the activities carried out inside it -and around it- have contributed to activate new relationships and flows between people, as well as new questions about the complex articulations between culture and periphery.
Participatory observation, collective imagination, reprogramming and redirection of flows and movements between center and periphery, construction of collaborative architectures and the central reflection on the production, transmission and access to culture, compose the creative process of the project and its different phases.

Text by Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio