Metamorphosing reality
Daichi Sato y Taisei Otsuka

28.09.2018 – 29.09.2018

Daichi Sato and Taisei Ostuka are two Japanese artists born on the outskirts of Tokyo. They graduated from Okinawa University of Fine Arts, where they have lived ever since. They have extensive experience in residencies and art festivals, both in Japan and abroad. Their works have been shown in various venues, such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art. Next to this they are participating in the Barcelona SWAB art fair.

The work is representative of the contemporary art that has emerged in recent years in Okinawa. In his sculptures, Otsuka’s reproduces banal elements with such a precision that they can easily be mistaken for real objects. Through his work, the artist examines how useless fragments can be transformed into unexpected artistic experiences. In order to tell Okinawan stories in seemingly surrealist paintings,  Sato draws inspiration from casual photographs and his immediate surroundings stories.

The development of social networks and virtual realities are modifying our perception of reality. The advance of science characterized a positivist epoch, in which reality was placed in existing objects; now we are moving to another epoch in which we can feel reality in the non-existent. One of the questions that contemporary art tries to resolve is precisely this very notion of reality. Paintings based on images found on the Internet, sculptures carved in wood that represent used newspapers… These and other works are a contribution to this debate.

Curated by Fabrizio Contarino