Chikahiro Hanamura and Akiko Takamura
Body in Food


Food will be body
Body is made of food
Food is in body
Body is in food

A performance and exhibition by landscape artist Chikahiro Hanamura and sound artist Akiko Takamura. The Japanese duo –through a 16 days experiment eating only a bowl of brown rice once a day- will reflect about the effect of food on their bodies while living in Spain. A body process and a theoretical and aesthetical research about the macrobiotics, the balance between Yin and Yang, and the relation between food and culture inform and compose the project of the two artists.

Chikahiro Hanamura
Landscape artist, Actor, PhD in environmental science, Associate professor in Osaka Prefecture University, Guest researcher of University of Barcelona, CEO of Bricolage Foundation and creative shared space “b”.

He focuses on “Life” in his work as an artist, landscape designer, researcher and performer.
His career started from landscape design in environmental science. He also does space installation as an artist and acts in film and theater as an actor.

Akiko Takamura
Singer, Sound performer

She focuses on the relation between body, sound, respiration and food.
She started her career as a classical singer and also began to do sound performance from 2011.

She got the award of the 5th AAC Sound Performance Dojo in Aichi Art Center.

In collaboration with:
Loop Festival – Grundig – B Osaka – Bricolague Foundation