Author: souvenir

Art studios

At Souvenir we have 3 workspaces of 16m2 and 20m2 avalilable for artists and creatives in Gracia / Barcelona. If you are interested in renting an art studio send us the following information: Portfolio Biography and statement CVs Send to:

Collaboration & residency

We are always open to new collaborations, proposals for exhibitions, showcases, performances, residencies. Send us your proposal with the following information: Project Description Biography and statement of the project CVs Send to:

Open call, Summer residency

ESPAI SOUVENIR and R.A.R.O. Barcelona open a call for artists of any nationality for a 2 months residency from July 20th to September 20th, to develop projects of research and artistic production and have a final exhibition in the gallery during the dates of the Barcelona Gallery Weekend.